Surveillance Professional Services: QuickStart

Surveillance QuickStart

Bradmark’s Professional Services enables clients to select components, which are most valuable to them from a standard list and configure a prepackaged engagement consisting of training, validation, migration, implementation, knowledge transfer and project planning services offered by the Professional Services staff of Bradmark Technologies or Bradmark’s certified third party service agents.


Our QuickStart program begins with product-related consulting engagements to assist you with the installation and configuration of Surveillance products. This program is an interactive engagement with a Bradmark expert geared toward reducing common risks encountered during the deployment of your project. Typically three days long, this engagement requires only a modest investment to get you started immediately and up to speed quickly.

Download Datasheet:
Quickstart FormSurveillance QuickStart
(PDF; 360K)


Surveillance QuickStart Engagement



New Installation: Scoping, implementing, training, knowledge transfer for new installation of Surveillance


Latest version


3 days


Installation, Knowledge transfer, Quick Start Report


  • All hardware is in place for the environment before the Consultant is on-site
  • Duration is based on installation of 3-10 systems, must be defined as part of engagement
  • Any additional specific requirements will be addressed separately



Target Schedule

Prior To Start

Customer to provide the following:

  • Hardware
  • User account information and required database setup (list will be provided to client)
  • Monitoring requirements Sysadmin/DBA for activity coordination


Review of environment and verification that systems are ready for installation

Day 1


Installation of Surveillance

Day 1 - 2

Configuration and Deployment

Configuration and deployment of monitoring settings

Day 2 - 3

Knowledge Transfer

Ongoing throughout tasks

Day 1 - 3

Quick Start Report

Documentation on the environment and Surveillance installation

Day 3